How Are You Nepalese?

What does Hajur mean in Nepali?

When someone wants to get your attention she calls your name.

The standard response in Nepali is hajur.

Hajur is a general affirmative response, and in the aforementioned context is the equivalent of saying “yes?” This is a typical pattern across all cultures and languages..

Is Nepali Indian?

Nepalese are descendants of migrants from parts of India, Tibet, and parts of Burma and Yunnan, and much further traces origin to Central Asia, along with indigenous peoples. Nepal is a multicultural and multiethnic country. … The population ranking of 125 Nepali castes/ethnic groups as per the 2011 Nepal census.

What does Namaste mean in Nepali?

hello and goodbyeNamaste is the main Nepali greeting and simply means hello and goodbye. … The polite way to greet people in Nepal is to say “Namaste” and then hold the palms of your hands upright and together in front of your chest. To learn more about the meaning of namaste, view the accompanying hand gesture.

What language is closest to Nepali?

HindiBesides, Nepali language also borrows a lot of words from many other languages, including but not limited to, Persian, English, Bengali, and Arabic, among others. But the closest similarity would be with Hindi (also because both of the languages use the same script for writing).

Do you say Nepali or Nepalese?

Use Nepali for a native of Nepal (the plural is Nepalis), as the adjective referring to the country, and for the language.

How do you say namaste in Nepali?

Dhanyawaad – “Thank You”Namaste – “Hello”Maaf garnu hos – “I am sorry.”Ramailo cha – “It is fun.”Pheri bhetaula – “See you again”Ramro cha – “It is nice.”Mitho chha – “Tasty”

Are all Nepalese Gurkhas?

The Gurkhas or Gorkhas (/ˈɡɜːrkə, ˈɡʊər-/) with endonym Gorkhali (Nepali: गोरखाली, [ɡorkʰali]) are soldiers native to the Indian subcontinent of Nepalese nationality and ethnic Nepalis of Indian nationality recruited for the British Army, Nepalese Army, Indian Army, Gurkha Contingent Singapore, Gurkha Reserve Unit …

What does Kanchi mean in Nepali?

When we talk specifically in Nepali language context, the terms mean. Kancha= the youngest boy. Kanchi= the youngest girl. In Nepali families, the children or siblings are divided in such a format: Jetha/Jethi- Eldest boy (son) / eldest girl (daughter)

Is Nepal a safe country?

The short answer is yes, it is very safe in fact. Nepal feels more safe than most other countries around the globe, possibly due to the the religious nature of the people and their natural kindness. Over the past 10 years Nepal has enjoyed a growing fascination to visit from travellers from all over the world.

Is it hard to learn Nepali?

But in comparison to other languages, Nepali language is quite difficult because it has many vowel and consonant. … It is a bit easy to learn Nepali as it is derived from Sanskrit language . You can have good command in Nepal in few weeks.

How do the Nepalese greet each other?

The traditional greeting is to press the palms of one’s hands together in front of the chest and say “Namaste” (meaning “I greet the god within you”). This is accompanied with a nod of the head or a bow depending on the status of the person you are greeting.

What does Boka mean in Nepali?

In Nepali language “boka” simply means goat. Every word has its double meaning so another meaning of boka is playboy. When one man has multiple girlfriends and turns on when he sees every girl he is called boka. “Boka” Is a slang word used frequently by teenagers now a days.

Is Nepalese Mongolian?

The earliest recorded history of Nepal goes back over 2,800 years when a tribe of Mongolian people—the Kiratis—arrived in the Himalayan territory, across the Tibetan plateau. The current tribes of Limbu and Rai are believed to be direct descendants of the Kiratis.

Is Nepal in India yes or no?

“Nepal is not only a landlocked country, but also India locked as it is surrounded by India from the three sides. … “We have trading points from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west with India, but with the northern neighbour, we only have a few transit points and that also lack infrastructure,” he said.