Quick Answer: How Beautiful Is The Rain Text?

Why do u like rain?

Just as the rain brings a clean scent and new life, rain lovers also appreciate the cleansing renewal of a good cry.

One of the pluviophiles favorite ways to spend a rainy day is snuggled up on the couch or in bed while watching a good tearjerker..

Why is the rain like a tramp of hoofs?

Answer: he compare it with the hoofs of the horse to, give us an image of the rhythm and sound of the droplets on the roof.

Why does the poet call the rain beautiful?

Why does the poet say that the rain is beautiful? The poet says that the rain is beautiful because it comes in the hot summer and settles the dust in the air and cools the heat. Which are the places where the rain falls? The rain falls in the narrow lanes and the hot streets.

How beautiful is the rain poetic devices?

The poem “How Beautiful is the Rain!” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is written in stichic as opposed to stanzaic form. … There are several instances of alliteration (repetition of a consonant sound) in the poem, including “rapid and rushing river”, “fenceless fields”, and “dry grass … drier grain”.

Do you think the poet likes the rain why?

Answer: The poet loves rain because it carries him in old memories. He thinks it is bliss to hear the sound of the rain on the roof. He lies in his cozy bed and enjoys the music of nature.

What sound does the rain give when it falls to the roof?

When something patters, it makes a light, rhythmic, tapping sound. On a rainy night, you might love lying in bed listening to the rain patter on the roof.

How does the rain sound on the roof?

Answer. Answer: Raindrops make the loudest sound as they fall on the shingles of the roof. Each sound that is made by the rain in this way is repeated the next instant by the beating of his heart.

What’s good about rain?

The fresh water rain provides is essential to the survival of every living organism, from plants to animals to humans. Fresh water sources are depleted by the natural process of evaporation, and rainy days replace that lost water. Plus, it’s just so pretty when it rains!

Do you enjoy rainy day Why?

I like rainy days because I like to be outside and feel the rain on my skin. I like the smell of the rain, I like the effect it has on the garden, and I love watching the rain fall out my window. It makes my imagination run wild, and it just looks so nice. And I like the cold, or cooler weather.

How beautiful is the rain poem explanation?

The poem is written by Longfellow on a rain in summer, where he is overjoyed by the shower in a hot day. He opens the poem by exclaiming, “How beautiful is the rain!” which shows his happiness and excitement about rain. He talks about how it the drizzle and shower relieves him from the heat and dust of the summer.

How beautiful is the rain after the dust and heat?

After the dust and heat, In the broad and fiery street, In the narrow lane, How beautiful is the rain!

Why is the rain welcome?

Answer. Rain is welcome because it brings relief from heat.

Why is the rain a blessing to the sick man?

Answer. Answer: The sick man sees the rain as a blessing….. a cooling, soothing effect on the outside world.

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Who is the poet of how beautiful is the rain?

Henry Wadsworth LongfellowQuote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: “How Beautiful is the rain! After the dust and h…”

Why is rain beautiful?

Explanation: The poet says that the rain is beautiful because it comes in the hot summer and settles the dust in the air and cools the heat.

How it gushes and struggles out meaning?

Answer: Gush means flow out of something in a rapid and plentiful stream. Example.” water gushed out of the washing machine” Struggle out means make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

What do you do on a rainy day answer?

Here are 10 fun activities to enjoy with your children on rainy days.Go on a rainy day walk. Put those rain boots to good use and head out for a walk in the rain. … Measure the rain. … Make rain art. … Sing in the rain. … Go ahead and get wet. … Play in the mud. … Stay inside and make a fort. … Read about rain.More items…•

How beautiful the rain is?

“How Beautiful is the Rain” is a poem all about what happens when rain comes to a dry place. In the poem, the falling rain has an impact on different people and in different places. The writer shows that rain is a beautiful thing in many different ways. The rain quenches heat and settles dust.

What is rain essay?

The most important element of weather is water. We get water in different forms of precipitation. Rain is the most beneficial of all types of precipitation. Rain is what harvests our crops that give us food to eat. Without rain, no crops would grow and we would parish off the face of this Earth.

Who said Into each life some rain must fall?

Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNo, it’s an authentic observation from the pen of American icon Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Longfellow conceived it 177 years ago. The year was 1841, and the 35-year-old poet wrote at his desk in Portland, Maine. The phrase is contained within the third stanza of Longfellow’s “The Rainy Day.”