Quick Answer: How Do I Know What Air Filter To Buy?

Where should I place my air filter?

The air filter is typically located at the point where the return duct enters the air handler.

Larger houses often have more than one HVAC system.

Each system will typically have at least one air filter.

Therefore, your home may have air filters located at the air handler AND in the returns..

How long do air filters last?

60 daysFor basic 1″–3″ air filters, manufacturers typically tell you to replace them every 30–60 days. If you suffer from light to moderate allergies, you could install a better air filter or replace them even more regularly.

How do I know what size air filter I need?

Take out your measuring tape and get the exact dimensions yourself. These are written as length x width x depth (for example: 18x20x1). Lay the filter flat on the ground and start by measuring top-to-bottom for length, left-to-right for width, and front-to-back for depth. You should have 3 numbers written in inches.

What kind of air filter do I need?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineers (ASHARE) recommends a MERV 6 or higher. Most people go with a MERV 8 filter. Most residential areas can remove contaminants with MERV 8 to MERV 13, while most hospitals use MERV 14 to MERV 20.

What is the most common air filter size?

Standard air filter sizes include:12 X 2414 X 2014 X 3016 X 2516 X 2018 X 3020 X 2020 X 2524 X 244 more rows•Nov 27, 2017

What if air filter is too big?

If you have a filter that is too big for your system, it may seem like an easy enough fix– just fold it over or trim it down, right? … The debris will quickly build up in your AC system, as well as being blown into your home. Heating and cooling systems should always be operated with the proper filter installed.

Can I use a 1 inch filter instead of 4?

While a 4-inch-thick filter is more efficient than a 1-inch filter, the right size depends on your furnace. If you measure the filter slot, and it’s large enough to accommodate the thicker filter, then you can use it. However, if the slot is less than 4 inches wide, you’re stuck with using that thickness.

What is the best AC filter to buy?

Flanders E-Z Flow Air Filter.Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter. … FilterBuy Pleated Furnace AC Filter. … Duck Replacement Foam Air Conditioner Filter. … Honeywell Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter.Filtrete 3M Air Conditioner Filter. … AiRx Energy Efficient AC Filters for Allergy Protection. … More items…•

Can I use the wrong size air filter?

When you use the wrong size air filter, or you install it incorrectly, the filter can’t effectively prevent dust from accumulating on the system’s motors and blowers. You’ll end up with a dirty furnace that can’t properly perform, and all of that debris could end up harming the system’s internal components.

Is a thicker air filter better?

A thicker filter (4-5 inches) has more surface area and therefore allows more room for air to pass through. Do this: If you’re really interested in keeping your air clean, we’d suggest you get an air cleaner/purifier installed in your air ducts.

Can you use a different size air filter?

If the size is not clearly labeled on your existing filter, you can measure it with a ruler. Keep in mind that most disposable air filters are undercut (this is an industry standard) from anywhere between ¼” to ½”. In most cases, you should be able to use the closest standard size.