What Is KEF Halik In English?

What is the meaning of Kaifa Halik?

” Kaifa Halak (male) /Kaifa Halik (female) , And in the Egyptian Slang its ”Izyak” Its Answer: The Common Answer أنا بخير الحمد لله”Ana Bikhir Alhamdulillah” It mean I am fine , Thanks for God What about your Own Language , Plz write beside it , its sounds in Latin letters to me easy to get it ..

What is your name in Arabic?

“what’s your name?” in Arabic ما اسْمُكَ؟

How are you in Arabic to female?

Arabic PhrasesEnglish PhrasesArabic Transliterated PhrasesArabic ScriptHow Are You?Kaifa haloka/ haloki ( female)كيف حالك؟I’m Fine, Thanks!Ana bekhair, shokran!أنا بخير شكراAnd You?Wa ant? / Wa anti? (female)و أنت؟15 more rows

What does Zehnaseeb mean in Urdu?

Zehnaseeb gets it’s origin from the Urdu word Zah-e-Naseeb,meaning someone who is destined to be yours.

What is the meaning of Ahlan wa Sahlan?

WelcomeFor example, people might greet you with اهلا وسهلا (Ahlan wa Sahlan), which means “Welcome!”. … Whereas مرحباً is a common greeting in the Arab world, السلام عليكم (As-salamu ‘alaykum) is the most common greeting among Arab Muslims and it means “Peace be upon you”.

What does Marhaba mean in Urdu?

Marhaba – مرحبا meaning in English is hooray – Urdu to English Dictionary.

Can we say salam instead of assalamualaikum?

Answer: Yes! We can say Salam to a non-Muslim. If they say Salam, then it is sunnah to say, “Wa-Alaikum” Reason for this is that, during the time of the Prophet, the non Muslims, sometimes, cursed Muslims under their breath when saying Salam. … Nowadays, many non Muslims simply say the Salam or say Peace be unto you.

How do you respond to Kaif Halak?

pronounced “kaif halak” for a boy or “kaif halek” for a girl”. This literally means “how’s the news?” But it is used to say “how are you?” There are many responses for this. You can say “Ana bekher” which plainly means “I’m good”. You can also say “elhamduallah” which means “thanks be to God”.

What is Mafi Mushkila?

Arabic words used to spice up English ‘ Practically, it means anything from ‘No way, pal’ to ‘I have no idea’. The same is true for the term mafi mushkila, which means ‘no problem’. If you hear this, you are safe to assume there is a BIG problem. … One word that tends to have a lot of clout is wasta.

Is it OK to say Salam Alaikum?

It means “Peace be unto you” and it’s okay to say it. It means ‘Peace be with you” . Although the actual Arabic meaning of Salam encompasses more than just peace.

How do you greet a woman in a hijab?

Greetings and handshakes When approaching a Muslim woman (whether she wears the hijab, or not) — it’s respectful to wait for her to offer her hand and give her the opportunity to show you if she doesn’t mind shaking hands, or you can place your hand on your chest as a gesture of polite greeting.

How do you respond to KAYF Halik?

When asking a man, you say Kayf Halak and when addressing a woman, you say Kayf Halik. The response to this is usually Zayn, Al Hamdu Lillah, which means “Fine, praise be to God.”

What is Marhaba?

Meaning: hello/welcome. Marhaba is the simplest form of greeting that’s used across all the Arabic speaking countries.

How do you say thank you in UAE?

Shukran (pronounced shook-ran) If you want to say ‘Thank you’ or ‘Thanks’ in Arabic, Shukran is the word you want to use. And should you want to say ‘No, thanks. ‘ in Arabic, say ‘La, shukran’.

What does Kaif mean in Arabic?

DelightMeaning: Delight. The name Kaif means Delight and is of Arabic origin. Kaif is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.

What does Habibi mean?

Habibi (male) and habibti (female): Both mean darling, and can be used with friends and good colleagues. It is one of the most widely used terms of endearments in the region, and chances are they are first Arabic words learned by a new arrival.