Who Is Jeanette Lee Married To?

Who is the best female pool player?

Pictures and Rankings below are based upon the 2019 Year End Rankings – Click on Current Rankings (below) to see where your favorite players are ranked today!#1 Allison Fisher.#2 Brittany Bryant.#3 Jennifer Barretta.#4 Wei Tzu Chien.#5 Kelly Fisher.#6 Line Kjorsvik.#7 Siming Chen.#8 Monica Webb.More items….

Who is the highest paid pool player?

Efren ReyesThe highest paid pool player, Efren Reyes, has a net worth of $2 million.

Who is the most famous pool player?

Top 10 Best Pool Players of All TimeRonnie Allen. American professional pool player Ronnie Monroe “Fast Eddie” Allen was regarded as a pool “superstar” in the prime of his pool-shooting career. … Buddy Hall. American professional pool player Cecil P. … Johnny Archer. … Mike Sigel. … Earl Strickland. … Luther Lassiter. … Rudolf Wanderone. … Willie Mosconi.More items…•

How old is Earl Strickland?

59 years (June 8, 1961)Earl Strickland/Age

Where does Jeanette Lee live?

It’s that kind of recognition that Jeanette Lee, arguably the most famous professional pool player in the world, is banking on as she begins a second career of sorts. After 18 years in Indianapolis, Lee and her family moved to Tampa last summer.

How old is Allison Fisher?

52 years (February 24, 1968)Allison Fisher/Age

What is the best aiming system in pool?

DAM is the best and most complete aiming system that has ever been devised. The DAM system will radically improve the shot-making abilities of those who spend the time to learn it.

What cue does Jeanette Lee use?

I play with a Jacoby Custom Cue made by Dave Jacoby in Wisconsin. It’s worth about $3,500, made of ebony and ivory. Top tournaments pay the winner around $10,000.

How old is Jeanette Lee?

49 years (July 9, 1971)Jeanette Lee/AgeJeanette Lee (born Lee Jin-Hee, Hangul: 이진희, July 9, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American professional pool player.

How tall is Jeanette Lee?

1.68 mJeanette Lee/Height

What pool cue does the Black Widow use?

Jeanette Lee is one of the most renown names in billiards, now she introduces her new officially licensed McDermott Cue Line. This **McDermott Black Widow BWS1 Pool Cue** features killer designs to match her style along with the excellent craftsmanship McDermott Cues are known for.

Who is the number 1 pool player?

CLICK HERE to sign-up for / renew your annual WPA Players LicenseRankPlayerTotal Points1Ko, Ping Chung252632Filler, Joshua235123Van Boening, Shane225744Gorst, Fedor1903737 more rows

Where do you look when shooting a pool?

I could talk about this for ten minutes, but the simple and universally accepted answer among instructors is that your eyes should move back and forth between the cue ball and object ball when lining up the shot (and taking warm-up strokes), but on your last stroke when shooting you should be looking at the OBJECT BALL …