Why Is The Stradivarius Violin So Highly Regarded Why Can’T We Duplicate It?

Is my violin a real Stradivarius?

Being able to identify the instrument’s authenticity is important, especially to families new to violin lessons and instrument sales.

Antonio Stradivari only printed first digit “1” and last three digits were hand written (see pictures)..

How can you tell a real Stradivarius?

The label in these student instruments typically print the first two digits and the last two digits were hand written. It is important to understand that these labels aren’t meant to trick you, but are strategis for greater sales and branding. Authentic label, hand written 732, old Roman font and Master’s age.

How do I know if my violin is valuable?

One of the biggest things to consider with a violin is the quality of sound. If the violin shows a lot of depth and richness (especially on the lower strings), this is a tell-tale sign that it is a valuable instrument. Violins that sound “nasally” and/or “thin” are typically factory-made, and not as valuable.

Are all Stradivarius violins accounted for?

All 650 of the surviving Stradivarius instruments have been accounted for. … Hundreds of thousands of violins have been made which copy the Stradivarius design and bear labels that read “Stradivarius.”

What is the best violin ever made?

The magic of the Stradivarius: the most beautiful violins in the…The Alard Stradivarius. Antonio Stradivari is one of the most famous makers of stringed instruments (otherwise known as luthiers) of all time. … Cristiani cello. Stradivari wasn’t just a violin maker. … The Amati Alard. … The Baron Knoop. … The Cipriani Potter. … The Cipriani Potter. … The Fountaine. … The Viotti.More items…

What is the rarest violin in the world?

Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin1) The Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin – $16million/£10.5million Its new owner anonymously donated the historic instrument to violinist Anne Akiko Meyers, on loan for the rest of her life.

Who was the greatest violinist of all time?

The 25 greatest violinists of all timeGeorge Enescu (1881 – 1955) … Julia Fischer (1983 – ) … Midori (1971 – ) … Jascha Heifetz (1901 – 1987) … Fritz Kreisler (1875 – 1962) … Gidon Kremer (1947 – ) … Viktoria Mullova (1959 – ) … David Oistrakh (1908 – 1974)

How many Stradivarius violins are known to exist?

How many Stradivarius violins are known to exist? It is estimated that in total, Stradivari made around 1,100 musical instruments in total. Of these, 600 are still thought to be in existence. Of that number, only 244 violins are currently accounted for.

What is so special about Stradivarius violins?

Stradivarius violins are renowned for their supposedly superior sound when compared to other instruments. This has resulted in numerous studies hunting for a scientific reason for why Strads sound so good. … Research often looks at how the materials used in the construction of the instrument define its superior quality.

What is a copy of a Stradivarius violin worth?

Each is worth at least $2 million. They are so rare most big city violin dealers have never seen one and no authentic Stradivarius has even been brought in to the Antiques Roadshow TV program.

What wood is a Stradivarius made of?

The woods used included spruce for the top, willow for the internal blocks and linings, and maple for the back, ribs, and neck. There has been conjecture that the wood used may have been treated with several types of minerals, both before and after construction of a violin.

Where are Stradivarius violins made?

ItalyAntonio Stradivari was born in 1644 and set up his shop in Cremona, Italy, where he made violins and other stringed instruments (harps, guitars, violas and cellos) until his death in 1737.